Marketing Communications



では、7つのCとはどんな要素なのでしょうか。まず、中心(太陽)にあるCorporation(企業)が、その周りを取り囲む4つのC【Commodity(信頼できる商品)、Cost(生産コスト、社会コスト)、Channel(流通経路)、Communication(消費者との対話)】を誠実に遂行し、企業、消費者双方向のコミュニケーションを円滑にとれる仕組みを構築します。それを6つ目(木星)のConsumer(消費者)が企業活動を外側から見守る形で存在。さらに7つ目(土星)のCircumstances(外部環境)を踏まえてマーケティング活動をすれば消費者・生活者の信頼が得られるというもの。さらに大成では、ここにCreation of Infinity (無辺の創造)とChallenge(挑戦)を加え、マーケティング・コミュニケーションの新たな価値創造に挑戦し続けたいと考えています。

Taisei embraces the era of the “7C+ α” Model. As its core vision, Taisei is in continuous pursuit of its excellence.

Much like the harmonious relationship between man and nature, business and consumer, and Japan and the World; “symbiotic marketing” is indispensable. The marketing model that reflects this philosophy is the 7C Model. Taisei embraces the 7C model as the root of its corporate activities, as well as a source of possibilities as limitless as the vastness of space.
The elements that comprise the 7C model can best be explained by looking at our universe. Just as our solar system’s planets revolve around the Sun, the 7C Model’s elements center around the “Corporation”. The first “C” in orbit is “Commodity”, signifying products you can trust. Next is “Cost”, meaning production and social costs. Then “Channel”, indicating distribution channels. Following this is “Communication”, representing the interactions with consumers where Taisei can facilitate dialogue. Next in orbit is “Consumer”, which observes the culmination of its preceding elements. The final “C” is “Circumstances” reflecting the external environment in terms of the marketing activities needed to reinforce the trust of the consumer.

Taisei is committed to add new and real value to all its corporate activities and to create infinite possibilities for its clients.